Detect mixed-up encoding in PHP and make everyting Windows 1252

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I’ve got a CSV file with mixed up encoded strings:

1956;Mathé Altéry;Le Temps Perdu
1963;Alain Barrière;Elle était si jolie
2024;Gérard truc;Mon éden
2023;Gergő Rácz;Zé Szabó
2210;Anna Mjöll;Sjúbídú
2200;Ovidijus Vyšniauskas;Lopšinė mylimai

Some accents on french names are either UTF8 encoded (é ; è ) or are encoded in plain text (‘é’ ASCII ?). Also some characters (‘ő’) don’t exist with UTF8 but with Windows-1252.

What I’ve done is converting everyting from UTF8 to Windows-1252:

mb_convert_encoding($text, 'Windows-1252','UTF-8');

which works like a charm, .. except for french accents that are all detected as UTF8.

Here is sample code:

$csv = array("1956;Mathé Altéry;Le Temps Perdu",
"1963;Alain Barrière;Elle était si jolie",
"2024;Gérard truc;Mon éden",
"2023;Gergő Rácz;Zé Szabó",
"2210;Anna Mjöll;Sjúbídú",
"2200;Ovidijus Vyšniauskas;Lopšinė mylimai");

foreach ($csv as $row) {
        echo "row=$rown";
        $row_values = explode(';', $row);

        foreach ($row_values as $value) {
                echo sprintf("value=%-30s encoding=%-10s W1252=%-20sn",
                        mb_convert_encoding($value, 'Windows-1252' ,'UTF-8'));

        echo "n";

# php ./encodings.php
row=1956;Mathé Altéry;Le Temps Perdu
value=1956                           encoding=ASCII      W1252=1956
value=Mathé Altéry             encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Mathé Altéry
value=Le Temps Perdu                 encoding=ASCII      W1252=Le Temps Perdu

row=1963;Alain Barrière;Elle était si jolie
value=1963                           encoding=ASCII      W1252=1963
value=Alain Barrière              encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Alain Barrière
value=Elle était si jolie         encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Elle était si jolie

row=2024;Gérard truc;Mon éden
value=2024                           encoding=ASCII      W1252=2024
value=Gérard truc                   encoding=UTF-8      W1252=G▒rard truc
value=Mon éden                      encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Mon ▒den

value=2024                           encoding=ASCII      W1252=2024
value=GÃ¥te                        encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Gåte
value=Ulveham                        encoding=ASCII      W1252=Ulveham

row=2023;Gergő Rácz;Zé Szabó
value=2023                           encoding=ASCII      W1252=2023
value=GergÅ‘ Rácz              encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Gergő Rácz
value=Zé Szabó                 encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Zé Szabó

row=2210;Anna Mjöll;Sjúbídú
value=2210                           encoding=ASCII      W1252=2210
value=Anna Mjöll                  encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Anna Mjöll
value=Sjúbídú               encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Sjúbídú

row=2200;Ovidijus Vyšniauskas;Lopšinė mylimai
value=2200                           encoding=ASCII      W1252=2200
value=Ovidijus VyÅ¡niauskas        encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Ovidijus Vyšniauskas
value=LopÅ¡inÄ— mylimai         encoding=UTF-8      W1252=Lopšinė mylimai

You can see that values having french accents are detected as UTF-8 and converting them to W1252 adds weird characters meaning a wrong conversion.

Now, I can’t figure out how to detect which strings need to be encoded, which don’t need to. mb_detect_encoding doesn’t seem to return reliable results.

Any idea ?

Many thanks all !!

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