wordpress “Content is blocked”, and all pages redirecting to a single page, including wp-admin and wp-login

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Client’s site completely broken today. Possibly when I added a txt file to the DNS area, in an attempt to link it to Google workspace. I have since deleted the txt file, but the site is still broken.

the site in question is https://avenaleisure.com/
it consistently redirects to /lander/ a page I was playing with to make popups for the client

Here is what I have tried in order to fix it:
Removed txt file

Edited htaccess: changed from
Order deny,allow
deny from all
Order allow,deny

Restored older backup: MySQL 7/10/24 Directory 7/8/24
Htaccess edited to a default state
Restored older backup: MySQL 7/7/24 Directory 7/8/24
in C Panel I have disabled ALL plugins and activated 2024 theme

the site is still broken and I have no idea how to access it.

Unfortunately this is a site I have inherited just a few days ago, I did not set it up, but I do have access to the control panel. Please help!

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