Why does my 64GB SD card show 30MB less space, and how can I clone it properly?

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I am trying to clone a 64GB SD card, but I noticed that the card shows 30MB less space than expected. This discrepancy is preventing me from successfully cloning the SD card using various tools and methods.

System Details:

Source SD Card: 64GB SanDisk Ultra
Target SD Card: 64GB SanDisk Ultra
Operating System: Raspberry Pi OS
Steps Taken:

Checked the available space on both SD cards using df -h and lsblk.
Attempted to use disk cloning software as mentioned above.
Tried various partitioning and formatting tools to align the space properly.

Why does my 64GB SD card show 30MB less space than expected?
What steps can I take to ensure a successful clone of my SD card?
Are there any specific tools or methods recommended for cloning SD cards with minor space discrepancies?
I appreciate any guidance or tips from the community to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance!

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

Win32 Disk Imager – The process fails due to insufficient space.
Etcher – I encountered errors related to mismatched sizes.
dd on Linux – The cloning process completes, but the cloned card doesn’t work correctly.
GParted – I attempted to resize the partitions, but it didn’t resolve the issue.

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