What happened to my table that I renamed using sp_rename?

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I quickly reviewed the question and answer here: How to change a table name using an SQL query?

But I didn’t pay attention to the comments in the top answer that said to make sure and remove the schema from the second parameter.

So instead of runnning this:
EXEC sp_rename 'myschema.Stu_Table', 'Stu_Table_10'

I ran this:
EXEC sp_rename 'myschema.Stu_Table', 'myschema.Stu_Table_10'

Now I don’t see my table – where is it?

I tried refreshing the list of tables in SSMS but I don’t see any table resembling my original table. I tried looking for something like “dbo.dbo.Stu_Table_10” but I don’t see that either.

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