Visual studio – create method from usage?

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Using visual studio 2019 for my c++ projects.
I use to have the plugin “visual assist”, where I could simply code


right-click it and create this meathod. It would allow me to edit the parameters AND placed definition in the correct cpp-file and declaration in the correct h-file.

The built-in refactoring “create declaration” doesnt seem to create anything at all. It just opens the h-file but creates no code.

I tried the plugin “resharper” and it has a similar functionality BUT it doesnt allow me to edit the parameters before creation, and also doesnt create a definition, only declaration, so not very useful to me.

Is there no tool or way to do what I want except for the expensive visual assist? This seems very basic for a speedy workflow (i create functions/members all the time and adding the code manually to both files seems idiotic).


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