Using RN-42 with Arduino Micro as HID Mouse

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I am currently using an RN-42 Bluetooth module with an Arduino Micro and have successfully connected the RN-42 in HID mode to my PC, where it is recognized as a Mouse. For Bluetooth communication, I am utilizing the BPLib library ( However, I am encountering an issue: when rolling the ball on my trackball, there is no detected movement. This same setup works perfectly when connected via a wired solution using the Mouse library on the Arduino. I am unsure of the source of the problem.

Current code, I am using

#include <Wire.h>
#include "I2Cdev.h"
#include <PMW3360.h>
#include <BPLib.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

// Mouse Movement Variables
#define SS  17          // Slave Select pin. Connect this to SS on the module
PMW3360 sensor;
const unsigned long accumulationTime = 10; // Accumulate data for --- milliseconds
const int sensitivity = 500;
const int DPI = 400;

// Bluetooth Variables
#define RX_PIN 9 // connect to TXD of module
#define TX_PIN 10 // connect to RXD of module (logic level 3.3v!)

SoftwareSerial swSer(RX_PIN, TX_PIN, false); // Only three arguments
BPLib *BPMod;

void setup()
  swSer.begin(9600); // Set the baud rate for software serial
  BPMod = new BPLib(swSer);

  if (sensor.begin(SS)) // Initialize the PMW3360 sensor
    Serial.println("Sensor initialization succeeded");
    Serial.println("Sensor initialization failed");

void loop()
  float Acc_X = 0;
  float Acc_Y = 0;
  bool movementDetected = false;

  unsigned long startTime = millis(); // Record the start time

  // Accumulate readings for the --- duration
  while (millis() - startTime < accumulationTime) {
    PMW3360_DATA data = sensor.readBurst();
    if (data.isOnSurface && data.isMotion) {
      float mdx = constrain(data.dx, -127, 127);
      float mdy = constrain(data.dy, -127, 127);

      Acc_X += mdx;
      Acc_Y += mdy;
      movementDetected = true;

  Acc_X /= DPI;
  Acc_Y /= DPI;

  // Move the mouse based on accumulated values if movement was detected
  if (movementDetected) {
    BPMod->mouseMove(-Acc_X * sensitivity, Acc_Y * sensitivity);
    //Mouse.move(-Acc_X * sensitivity, Acc_Y * sensitivity);

Anyone point out the problem with the code or any useful information. I am having hard time figure out the problem.

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