Using Jfrog artifactory as cache packet repo

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I’m trying to configure cargo to fetch packets from through jfrog artifactory remote.

By using the jfrog cli command:

jf atc
I’m able to get an access token.
However when trying to do a cargo build I get this response:

Caused by: failed to query replaced source registry crates-io`

Caused by:
token rejected for artifactory-remote

Caused by:
failed to get successful HTTP response from https://jfrog.myCompany/artifactory/api/cargo/crates-remote/index/config.json, got 401
“errors” : [ {
“status” : 401,
“message” : “Authentication is required”
} ]

I have tried to find documentation on how to do this, however I can’t find anythings that helps me.

I have currently done like this to specify the token:

export CARGO_REGISTRY_TOKEN="Bearer eyJ2ZXIiOiIyIiwidHlwIjo......"

I wonder, should I also provide my user name someplace?

Hope anyone can help me, thank’s a lot !

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