Set laravel/valet and PHP working on Win10 not working, php not loading even with XAMPP

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I have been struck with issues after issues when i try to get a php based website running on this computer.

I have read so many articles and tried to figure what could have been missed, am also a beginner programmer so any tips on what mistakes usually are made would be much appreciated as well.

Reinstaled windows and changed to the pro version, installed php on C: Root, valet is installed and running, laravel project was created, can access phpmyadmin on localhost, change the php.ini configs (but im not sure all is right), set all PATH’s that i could think of, have already installed and updated composer with all dependencies, set localhost on port 80 IP adress Tried running with NGinx, but failed. Tried running with XAMPP (turned of NGinx) but the php website i have here is missing a lot (looks like is reading html but PHP not working)
Installed VS code, nodejs, managed to link valet on port 80 as well (nginx) but had the same troubles as described before.

When i try to run the website i must run, it doesnt run at all. When i try to run a test website i have here, it doesnt read PHP. path is set to C root for PHP, maybe i need to change the root for XAMPP? any ideas would be greatly accepted.

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