QML check the type of a property at runtime

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I am trying to check the type of a property at runtime:

Node {
    id: root

    property string foo
    property color diffuseColor

(because I am setting it dynamically from a JS object like {foo: "bar", diffuseColor: [0.5, 1, 0]} only that colors are given in an incompatible format, so a simple assignment would not work.

I need code like:

var targetObject = ... // the QML object
for(var k in jsobj) {
        targetObject[k] = Qt.rgba(jsobj[k][0], jsobj[k][1], jsobj[k][2], 1)
        targetObject[k] = jsobj[k]

to implement that isColorProperty() I tried many different approaches, such as using instanceof (type error), checking Object.getPrototypeOf result (type error), using .toString() (only returns an HTML color string) none of those worked.

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