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I’m trying to make a embed message with buttons. For support system but I’m getting Unknown interaction error. I added ephemeral=True to defer. Also changed this interaction.response.send_messageto this interaction.followup.send()

embed = discord.Embed(
        title="Are You Looking For Help?",
        description="Use buttons man.",

class MyView(discord.ui.View):
    @discord.ui.button(label="Open Ticket", style=discord.ButtonStyle.primary, emoji="????")
    async def button_callback(self, interaction: discord.Interaction, _):
        await interaction.followup.send()("You clicked the button!")

async def support(ctx):
    await ctx.defer(ephemeral=True)

    view = MyView()
    await ctx.response.send_message(embed=embed, view=view)"token")

error: discord.errors.ApplicationCommandInvokeError: Application Command raised an exception: NotFound: 404 Not Found (error code: 10062): Unknown interaction

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