Power Automate Desktop-Not extracting table data from website

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Ok, I’m very new to Power Automate, but I have websites I have to log into everyday. I’ve gotten my PAD to login and navigate to the page I need, but I’m trying to extract data and write it to an excel sheet. When I edit the “Extract Data From Web Page” step the extraction helper looks like it’s capturing what I want, but when I actually run the PAD the variable doesn’t have any information on it and writes gibberish to excel.

I’ve tried this two ways. 1; I only need the summed up number at the bottom of the page and clicked “extract text” with the extraction helper. Two; I tried extracting the table figuring I could sum it myself. When I try the first option, I get “failed to extract data from web page”. With the second I get the gibberish mentioned above.

I’m attaching screen shots of my PAD.

I’ve checked my variable names, to make sure I’m referencing the correct ones. I’ve tried storing the data as a variable and as and excel spreadsheet.

When my PAD navigates to the site, it actually open a new page, and the second page is the one I need data from. I’ve tried putting in a new line to navigate to that page once opened, but that failed too.
This is my first time using Power Automate so I’m sure I’m missing something ovbious, TIA

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