Podam can’t handle java.nio.ByteBuffer field

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I generate some objects using Podam library, but there is a field, podam can’t handle.

private java.nio.ByteBuffer valueBase64;

When I try to create object from the class, it takes very long and most likely end with something like java heap insufficient memory error.

public <T> T createObject(Class<?> clazz) {
    PodamFactory podamFactory = new PodamFactoryImpl();
    podamFactory.getStrategy().addOrReplaceTypeManufacturer(List.class, (strategy, attributeMetadata, genericTypesArgumentsMap) -> Collections.emptyList());
    Object o = podamFactory.manufacturePojo(clazz);
    return (T) o;

Printed result looks like this:

, ... "contentDataForTemplate": {"valueBase64": "u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000... etc.

It clearly adds to the buffer until memory runs out.

Is there a way how to tell it to:

  1. Put a concrete value to this particular field
  2. List item java.nio.ByteBuffer type?

I know I could use @PodamExclude annotation over this field, but those classes are AVRO generated, therefore I can’t simply put annotation on anything. All configuration must be done outside. And this exclude only excludes certain attributes, not data types.

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