Pandoc 3.2.1, duplicate Footnote ID

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I’m using Epubcheck on an Epub file produced by Pandoc v3.2.1 and I’m getting some duplicate footnote reference errors, e.g. Error while parsing file: Duplicate ID “fnref13”

I believe that all the footnote references are generated by Pandoc, all footnotes are inline and have not been given IDs by me. Only a few of the footnotes show this error. I’m not sure how to investigate this problem. Is there a way of getting Pandoc to tell me more about what it’s doing?

(I hope this is the right place to post this problem. I used to use te Google group pandoc-discuss but that seems to have disappeared.)

Thank you for any help

What I was doing:

Generating an epub file from a markdown file using Pandoc and the checking it using Epubcheck

I was not expecting to see any errors.

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