Modelling question for a Pet Adoption App

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i am currently developing the backend for a pet adoption application, such as PetFinder. I have a Pet entity that represents an announce of a pet, and i want my pets modeling to looks like PetFinder one, they show the available pets with a lot of information like the pet breed, the color, behavior, personality, etc. My main doubt is how or where can i get this kind of information for many different pets species and how should i store this data on database? Where to get all dogs breeds, cat breeds, horse, things the color options also changes depending of the animal species.

I know there’s two different problems on above ask, but they’re kind of related, and i want to solve this problem avoiding manual approaches, like manually insert every dog breeds that i know, and do it again for all other species.

I’m building the backend application with Elixir and Phoenix, so i thought to use the seeds.exs to populate something like “breeds” table after fetch the data using some api like theDogs API, but i do not know i should i do to support other species as well.