Livewire nested input fields not showing as expected

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Livewire Component


namespace AppLivewireGuide;

use AppModelsPeople;
use LivewireAttributesValidate;
use LivewireComponent;

class RequestGuide extends Component

    public $nonDasa = false;
    public $guideCopy = false;
    public $people;

    public $person_name = '';

    public $person_email = '';

    public $role = '';

    public function mount()
       $this->people = [];

    public function render()
        return view('')

    public function showNonDasa()
        if($this->nonDasa == false){
            $this->nonDasa = true;
        } else {
            $this->nonDasa = false;

    public function showGuideCopy()
        if($this->guideCopy == false){
            $this->guideCopy = true;
        } else {
            $this->guideCopy = false;

    public function addPerson()
        $this->people->push(new People());



<div class="mx-auto w-7/12">
    {{ session('alert') }}
    <form action="">

        <h1 class="text-3xl font-bold font-roboto-slab text-red-600">Create Guide</h1>
        <x-forms.input label="Guidebook Name" name="name" placeholder="Desired Guidebook Name"/>
        <x-forms.input label="Your Name" name="requestor_name" placeholder="Your Full Name"/>
        <x-forms.input label="Your Email" name="requestor_email" placeholder="[email protected]"/>
        <x-forms.checkbox wire:click="showGuideCopy" label="I want to copy content from an existing guide"
            <x-forms.input label="Guide to Copy" name="guide_to_copy" placeholder="Copied Guide Name"/>
        <x-forms.input label="Your Department" name="requestor_department" placeholder="College, Unit, or Department"/>
        <x-forms.checkbox wire:click="showNonDasa" label="I am requesting a guide for a DASA run event or program"

        @if ($nonDasa)
            <div id="nonDasaInfo">
                    <p>All guides with a start date of 7/1/2024, or after, are billed at $725.</p>
                <x-forms.input label="Bookkeeper's Name" name="bookkeeper_name" placeholder="Bookkeeper's Full Name"/>
                <x-forms.input label="Bookkeeper's Email" name="bookkeeper_email" placeholder="[email protected]"/>
                <x-forms.input label="Project Code" name="project_code" placeholder="Project Code you'd like billed"/>

            <h2 class="text-xl font-bold font-roboto-slab text-red-600 py-5">Initial Users</h2>
            <p>Your Guide must have at least one Admin user. Admins have all the rights of editors, but can also
                manage the people who can become admins and editors.</p>
            <x-forms.button wire:click="addPerson" class=" bg-red-600 text-white mt-5 mb-2 hover:bg-red-800">
                Add Person

            <table class="w-full mt-5">
                <tr class="text-center font-bold">
                    <td class="px-2">Person's Name</td>
                @foreach ($people as $index => $person)
                        <td class="px-2">
                            <x-forms.input wire:model="people.{{ $index }}.person_name" label="" name="person_name" placeholder="Full Name" class=""/>
                            <x-forms.input wire:model="people.{{ $index }}.person_email" label="" name="person_email" placeholder="Full Email" class=""/>
                            < wire:model="people.{{ $index }}.role" label="" name="role"
                                            class="bg-gray-600/10 border-gray-600/30 mx-2">
        <div class="text-center pt-10">
            <x-forms.button wire:click="save" class="bg-red-600 text-white mt-5 mb-2 hover:bg-red-800">
                Submit Guide Request

My expectation is that when I click the Add Person button, I’ll see the next table row appear with the appropriate index.

When I add this to the mount() function in my Livewire component, I do see a row with the appropriate index, so it seems like the code is working as expected.

$this->people = [['Name','[email protected]','Admin']];

The issue, is that I cannot figure out how to get the array to grow so that it’ll add the next (first) row.

Thanks in advance. I’m sure I’m missing something stupid here…

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