Is there a way to make RS232 communication with fluke8846a faster for measurement?

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I’m using Fluke 8846A for measuring current in a setup where the current range is set to 10A. I’m using MEASure method to read value from Fluke 8846a using RS232 communication at baud rate of 115200 with one stop bit and no parity in remote mode. The time taken from the query to receiving the response is roughly 275ms which is a bit high for my application. I would ideally want it to be less than or equal to 50ms. Is there a way to make this communication faster?
Also I’m trying to synchronize this reading from another source so I want to collect data by single trigger which I think MEASure method provides.

Code snippet used for profiling:

query_msg = "MEAS:volt:dc? 10r"
#Receive data until <CR><LF>
received_data =

Time printed(s) in terminal:

I expect the time response to be faster

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