I cannot install libtorrent on Ubuntu server python

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I have an ubuntu server machine. I have python3.11.<something> installed. I have a created a venv using the command python3 -m venv venv and then i did a sudo chmod -R 777 ./my_project I then did a source venv/bin/activate and then a pip install -r requirements.txt Every package managed to install itself except for libtorrent (2.0.7). It says package not found error. I also tried sudo apt install python3-libtorrent (while having the venv activated). But that didn’t work either. When I tried to import libtorrent in my program I just get a module not found error. I have another server (also ubuntu server) where everything went smoothly. I have Python 3.10.12 installed there.

I have tried creating the venv with the 3.10.12 version, but I couldn’t find how to do that. Thanks for your help in advance!

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