How to implement 3rd party data fetches in Vite + Vue web-application?

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I want to use 3rd party function (actually, it is mine, but written in different time and different file), which requests data via fetch function.

In my Vue + Vite application I import that function and call it. However by default in Vite environment I get CORS error (localhost -> connection)

In case of CORS errors Vite suggests to create small proxy via its config file. However this proxy listens only to localhost requests, whilst my “3rd-party function” already calls to specific outbound address, and I cannot change it inside Vue code.

In .vue I have this line:

import fetchWikiData from "@sancho-pansa/parse-wiki-data";
let cardsTable = await fetchWikiData(5); // Calls for data about cards from 5th expansion of the game

That fetchWikiData() function makes call to and by default that site name is immutable from Vue application.

So, my question is: what should I do inside Vite settings or in app in general to overcome this type of CORS error?

I tried to look for solution in Vite config documentation, but it only provides examples for localhost proxy, for example, I make http://localhost/proxy request and it redirects me to However in my case I have complete function, which sends and processes request, so I cannot basically interfere with it and change address in it to some localhost/proxy.

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