how to create dtls server using pyopenssl

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Im very new to this,
I need to do the following command as a python code using the library pyopenssl.

openssl s_server -dtls -cert certfile -key keyfile -cert_chain chainfile -accept ipaddress:port

Ive managed to do client using pyopenssl that works with that command in cmd – successfull handshake and i can write messages from 1 to another.

but I cant do the server properly I always get errors – ‘no shared cipher’, even there is shared ciphers. (i checked the ciphers sent in wireshark and printed all the cipher in the library)

this is my client code that works perfectly:

import socket
from OpenSSL import SSL

# Initialize the OpenSSL context

# Create a UDP socket
sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)

# Set up the client-side SSL socket
ssl_sock = SSL.Connection(context, sock)
# Perform the handshake
ssl_sock.connect((SERVER_ADDR, SERVER_PORT))

# Send data to the server
message = "Hello, DTLS server!"

# Receive data from the server
data = ssl_sock.recv(1024)
print(f"Received from server: {data.decode()}")

I tried different cipher suites and checked every time but it fails,
I just need help with creating the DTLS server.
I understand that server suppose the have a lot sort of data and options but I don’t know how to configured it correctly

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