How to Avoid Circular Connections in Android VPN

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I have a proxy core written in Golang, which I have compiled as an AAR (Android Archive) to use in my Android Kotlin app. When I start the VPN using vpnservice.Builder, I route all traffic to my proxy app builder.route("", 0). However, I am encountering a problem with circular connections.

Here’s what happens:

1-The proxy client tries to connect to the proxy server.
2-The request loops back to the client because all traffic is routed to my proxy client app.

I found the protect() method in the Android documentation, which can protect a socket and route connections through the network stack instead of the VPN interface. While this method is useful, my app creates a new socket in the Golang code for each new connection on the device. As a result, I cannot protect a large number of connections per second in Android.

How can I handle this problem to avoid circular connections in my proxy app?

Any suggestions or alternative approaches would be greatly appreciated.

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