How do I make a VBA Macro code to indent cells/paste a specific string everytime?

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I am not very experienced at VBA Macro code, and the code that I am trying to accomplish is a little too advanced for me to do haha. Anyways, I am looking to make code using nested if-statements to detect grouped rows and indent those specific lines and one that pastes specific strings in 16 rows.

So I made code that groups rows into 4 groups – a main class, sub class, and a sub of the sub class. I want to make if statements that ungroups the sub of the sub class first, and if that specific row is ungrouped, then it will indent the string value on Column A 3 times. After, it will ungroup the sub class, and if the specific row is ungrouped, then it will indent the string on Column A 2 times. And lastly, the main class will be indented once.

My last question is that I am looking for code that scans the string values on Column A for the word “Total” and then if it finds that row, it will paste string values 2 rows below the row that “Total” is on. I need string values for 16 rows below the 2 rows pasted. So for example, after it finds total, i need a,b,c,d,e… pasted each on separate rows 2 rows underneath total, and I need 16 of them. Thank you so much – I really appreciate all the help 🙂

I have already made the code that groups the rows into 4 groups.

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