How do I identify which layer I need to include in my wildfly-jar-maven-plugin in order to load a specific extension?

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I have an Maven application I am attempting to containerize. The current build pipeline uses manually compiled EAR and WAR files and a standalone.xml file, so I’ve updated the source code so that everything is built and placed in a Wildfly Bootable JAR. The only problem comes with configuring the JBoss server.

What I have works for a local Docker Desktop deployment, but the final destination for the application is OpenShift. As such, I’m trying to match the current standalone.xml file, but the org.wildfly.extension.clustering.singleton extension is giving me trouble. Looking at the org.jboss.eap:wildfly-ee-galleon-pack zip, I can see the feature for the singleton subsystem which refers to the o.w.e.c.singleton package, but I can’t determine which layer I need to add to my pom in order to add the extension to standalone.xml.

I’m willing to do the searching to figure this out, I’d just appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction of where to look.

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