How do I get pydantic to report a violation if a YAML mapping to an optional attribute omits the space after the colon?

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The assertion at the end of the following code fails because there is no space between walk and True in the yaml:

from pydantic import BaseModel
from pydantic_yaml import parse_yaml_raw_as
from typing import List

class path_cls (BaseModel):
    path : str
    walk : bool = False
    other : bool = False

class myschema (BaseModel):
    paths: List[path_cls]

y = """
- {path: .., walk:True }
- {path: ../../somefolder }

data = parse_yaml_raw_as(myschema, y)
assert data.paths[0].walk

Since walk:True represents a valid YAML scalar, and because walk is an optional attribute in path_cls, neither the parser nor the validator see a problem.

In my schema, there will never be a case where {key:value, scalar} makes sense.

How do I get pydantic to recognize walk:True as an error? And is there a general solution that would flag a bad mapping of any optional attribute?