How can I move a Facebook App from a mistakenly setup Business to the correct Business?

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Data Use Checkup said that our Login with Facebook app needs to be connected to a Business Portfolio.

I didn’t realise my company already has a Business Portfolio, so I started to set up a new Business.
Verification step asks for legal documents which I don’t have access to. That’s when I find out we already have a Business account.

Now our app is attached to an unverified business, and I can’t move it to the correct existing business.

  1. Try to move the App to the correct Business, shows this error:
    This business account didn't comply with our Advertising Policies or other standards.
  2. Try to remove the app from the business, shows this error:
    This business portfolio is not allowed to remove apps because it's been disabled for violating our Advertising Policies or other standards.
  3. Try to delete the business doesn’t work either. Shows a toubleshooting document. One of the requirements is:
    Remove all apps added to your business.
    See points 1 & 2

So the app is now stuck under a mistakenly created business and I can’t move it.
Data Use Checkup timer is ticking… so our login will probably stop working soon.

Need help please!