GoPro Max FFMPEG Undistortion

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I’m trying to use ffmpeg to undistort footage from a GoPro MAX. The GoPro outputs footage in the form of an LRV file, which contains both a front view and a back view (not a navigable 360 video). In other words, I’m taking one of these “180 degree” videos and undistorting it in the following manner:

ffmpeg -i FILENAME.MP4 -vf lenscorrection=cx=0.5:cy=0.5:k1=-0.535:k2=0.065 NEWFILENAME.MP4

Additional info that may help: Resolution is 704×704, Lens type appears to be Max SuperView

These k1 and k2 values appear to work decently well for undistortion, yet they result in quite a bit of data loss on the edges. Are there more optimal values for this GoPro model?


I’ve tried playing around with several k1 and k2 values, as well as those recommended for other models of GoPros, and they don’t appear to work better than the current values I’ve achieved through experimentation. Is there a mathematical approach to this that might help?

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