Elegant way to convert between different Results in rust?

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I’m new to Rust and I’m writing my version of xxd.

There’s the cli module in cli.rs:

use std::env;

pub enum ArgumentError {

pub enum InputType {

pub fn get_args() -> Result<InputType, ArgumentError>{
    let args: Vec<String> = env::args().collect();
    match args.len() {
        0 => Ok(InputType::INPUT),
        1 => Ok(InputType::FILE(args[0])),
        _ => Err(ArgumentError::TooManyArguments)

In main.rs I have the following code:

enum MyXXDError {
    TooManyArguments(&'static str),

fn get_file() -> Result<cli::InputType, MyXXDError> {
    let args = cli::get_args();

    match args {
        Ok(input_type) => Ok(input_type),
        Err(error) => Err(
            match error {
                ArgumentError::TooManyArguments => MyXXDError::TooManyArguments("Too many arguments inserted.")

My question is, how can I print the error message of the MyXXDError in a way that would work on every enum value I could add in the future (Assuming every future enum element would contain a &str)?