Dynamic Form in Oracle APEX

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I currently have an APEX requirement that tracks the progress of assessments of various items. These assessments contain a few hundred questions that change regularly. I want to create a form as one of the ways to answer these questions but I need the form to dynamically change the amount of questions, and the wording of the questions.

These questions are stored as rows in a table. I am under the impression that the form region associates each entry with a column from its source query, and due to the sheer amount of questions, I reach the character limit by listing them all in a pivot.

My solution currently was to have the form pulled from a collection and have each of the page items attached to the form have a server-side condition that hides them so it appears to be changing.

This solution works, but you are limited to the 50 columns in a collection and I need the amount of entries to be higher. If anyone is aware of a better way of accomplishing this requirement I would be very appreciative of some guidance.

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