DWD homepage weather integration on website. What do I have to consider? [closed]

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I am the webmaster of a German volunteer fire department and our homepage serves as a warning/information center for our village. That’s why I want to display weather warnings. Today I wrote a PHP API that retrieves all warnings for our community from the DWD (Deutscher Wetter Dienst) homepage weather interface (https://www.dwd.de/DWD/warnungen/warnapp_gemeinden/json/warnings_gemeinde_hes.html) and returns them as JSON. All the pages on my website then check via my API if there is a warning and if so, they display a marquee, with the warning text.

Now my question is: Do I have to write something in the privacy policy about this? (API is on the same domain.) And do I have to ask the DWD for permission to publish the warnings, due to copyrights or whatever? Unfortunately I couldn’t find the answer to both questions on the DWD website.

Many thanks in advance. Greetings Flo

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