Drizzle kit migration and pushing

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i want to push to my db ‘neon postgresSQL’ a new table “products”.

// Define the products table
export const products = pgTable("products", {
  id: serial("id").primaryKey(),
  title: text("title").notNull(),
  description: text("description").notNull(),
  price: real("price").notNull(),
  createdAt: timestamp("created").defaultNow(),

i want to add it to an existing schema file

//other tables .... 

// Define the twoFactorTokens table
export const twoFactorTokens = pgTable(
    id: text("id")
      .$defaultFn(() => createId()),
    token: text("token").notNull(),
    expires: timestamp("expires", { mode: "date" }).notNull(),
    email: text("email").notNull(),
    userId: text("userId").references(() => users.id, { onDelete: "cascade" }),
  (verificationToken) => ({
    compoundKey: primaryKey({
      columns: [verificationToken.id, verificationToken.token],

//here i added the product table

my scripts are:

"db:generate": "npx drizzle-kit generate",
"db:push": "npx drizzle-kit migrate",

when i run the first command i got this file in the server folder:0008_peaceful_meltdown.sql

    "id" serial PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL,
    "title" text NOT NULL,
    "description" text NOT NULL,
    "price" real NOT NULL,
    "created" timestamp DEFAULT now()

then i push it to the db i got:
applying migrations...error: column "userId" of relation "twoFactorToken" already exists

what should i do?

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