Design Automation for Revit; reduce time of WorkItem process

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I prepared Design Automation application that exports set of views to DWG files. WorkItem contains json file that has a list of standard views to export, but to extend application I need to show user a list of the view that model has, so user can choose views to export.

Today I tested random 6Gb project to export 7 views.

Overall time for WorkItem process took about 50 mins

And just file opening took about 25 minutes,

In this case, if I want to show user a list of the views for export, I need a different WorkItem that collects all the floorplans from the model and return as a list, but user just can’t wait for almost 1 hour to just get a list of views, or other elements.

Is there a way to work with Revit file without opening it, to get the data that doesn’t required model rendering? Or keep file opened for some time to run the different WorkItems to avoid opening? Or any solution that will reduce time of WorkItem for files of this size and bigger?

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