Dagger2 injection across modules replace implementation of Interface

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I am breaking up my project into different Android Studio modules. At the base, I have a headless modules with core business logic. Down the module dependency tree, I have an app modules that encompasses the Android Application.

In the core logic, I am using dependency injection for things like logging/error handling. In my core module, there is a good amount of code that leverages the interface I am trying to log to, so I am using an EntryPoint to provide the Logging class.

In the app module, I have the “real” logging code that will handle sending info to the server. So I really want to “inject” THAT implementation when I build the entire project so that all the code gets the real one.

I have searched and read a number of articles on Dagger2, modules, binding, and componenents but I have not found a way to allow the the core module to compile my core module (outside of using Optional) while using my real implementation in the application.

In a perfect world, I can see two solutions:

  1. Try to ignore the dependency injection in the core module knowing it will be provided in the app module. I saw a library prop in Dagger 1 that appeared to do this.
  2. Provide a dummy implementation of the interface in the core module and then swap it out in the app module for the real implementation when I build the apk. I think this MIGHT be possible with subcomponents but haven’t had luck…

Any help would be really appreciated!

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