Custom font not showing on Android phone, but shows in Android simulator

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I have made an app which uses a custom .ttf font. Unfortunately this font only works in the Android emulator. On my Samsung A52s phone (Android 14, One UI 6.1) it shows the default font.

  • Removing the app and install it again had no effect
  • Clearing the app cache had no effect
  • Using another font had no effect
  • Renaming the app bundle id e.g. to has no effect
  • Installing another app with the same font, shows the font without any issue
  • On iOS both the simulator and iPhone show the font without any issue
  • flutter clean had no effect
  • Rebuilding the app had no effect
  • Upgrading Android on the phone had no effect
  • Reboot had no effect

When you Google for “Flutter custom font not working” you get issues where the custom font did not work at all. In my case it is just the Android Phone.

Has anyone experienced the same?