Cannot send k6 metrics to datadog agent

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In my Github Actions workflow I am running a k6 script that’s supposed to write metrics to Datadog. However I am getting the error

level=error msg="Couldn't flush a batch" error="write udp> write: connection refused"

This is the step in my workflow, it first runs the datadog/agent Docker container exposing port 8125/udp to which k6 then tries to send the metrics to:

  - name: Run k6 script
      DD_API_KEY: ${{ secrets.DD_API_KEY }}
    run: |
      docker run -d 
      --name datadog-k6 
      -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro 
      -v /proc/:/host/proc/:ro 
      -v /sys/fs/cgroup/:/host/sys/fs/cgroup:ro 
      -e DD_SITE="" 
      -e DD_API_KEY=${{ secrets.DD_API_KEY }} 
      -e DD_TAGS="env:development version:foo" 
      -p 8125:8125/udp 
      k6 run ./k6/test.js 
        -e K6_STATSD_ENABLE_TAGS=true 
        -e K6_STATSD_ADDR="" 
        -o statsd 
      docker stop datadog-k6
      docker rm datadog-k6

I am using a self-hosted runner on Github Actions so it might be a docker-inside-docker issue?

I noticed that the statsd output option is deprecated but I am expecting it to still work

Would it work to send the k6 metrics via HTTP to datadog and does someone have an example for that?


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