Blender IK bones causing positions to swap erratically between positions

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As described in the title, a blender model that I’m attempting to animate is experiencing a problem where the bones attached to those of the IK don’t seem to be able to decide what position they’re in. The bones will even appear in different positions when viewing the same keyframe multiple times.

This is a problem that I’ve run into before but I’ve not yet found a reliable solution. I suspect that this problem has a fairly simple solution but I’m having a hell of a time searching for it online.

The image attached shows the IK setup with the bones names set to visible, in case that proves to be helpful.

Linked here is a short video that demonstrates the problem, where I move back and forth between frames and the limbs find themselves in different positions.

Thus far I’ve tried toggling the IK and auto-IK setups, and the removal of an IK does fix the problem, but of course I’m interested in actually using the IK. Changing the chain length does not seem to help or hinder the posing.

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