Best approach to object creation in the background without using a task queue system?

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I have been thinking of the best approach to a record creation in the background without using django signals, or celery, etc.

I do not want to use signals due to the fact that the sender Model would be called a very high number of times, as that table gets created/updated quite often. So I am looking to avoid this approach.

My goal is to run a function that goes through some complex logic, ultimately ending in an EmailRecordTracker object creation in which I am doing some tracking to determine whether an email needs to be sent out or not at a later point in time.

The function I need to create needs to get hit after a user submits a form and the form is fully saved.

I was looking into asynchronous support possibly.

Workflow is pretty simple:

  • User submits form, updates a form, etc.
  • User is able to continue to navigate through app while my function to create an EmailTrackerRecord gets ran in the background.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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