ASP.NET 8 Windows Authentication combined with custom policy authorization results in HandleRequirementAsync() being called twice for every request

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I created a new “ASP.NET Core Web API” project.

In Program.cs I configured authentication and authorization as follows:


builder.Services.AddSingleton<IAuthorizationHandler, CanGetWeatherAuthorizationHandler>();

builder.Services.AddAuthorization(options =>
  options.AddPolicy("CanGetWeather", policy =>
    policy.Requirements.Add(new CanGetWeatherRequirement()));

I don’t think they are relevant to the issue, but here is CanGetWeatherRequirement.cs:

public class CanGetWeatherRequirement : IAuthorizationRequirement

and CanGetWeatherAuthorizationHandler.cs:

public class CanGetWeatherAuthorizationHandler() : AuthorizationHandler<CanGetWeatherRequirement>
  protected override async Task HandleRequirementAsync(
    AuthorizationHandlerContext context,
    CanGetWeatherRequirement requirement
    var userId = context.User.Identities.First();

    if (userId.IsAuthenticated)
      if (await UserCanGetWeatherAsync())

  private static async Task<bool> UserCanGetWeatherAsync() =>
    await Task.Run(() => Random.Shared.NextDouble() > 0.5);

I expected, when sending a GET request to the WeatherForecast endpoint, that the HandleRequirementAsync method will be called once with the context containing an authenticated user ID (context.User.Identities.First().IsAuthenticated == true).

Instead it is being called twice

  • The first time context.User.Identities.First().IsAuthenticated is false
  • The second time context.User.Identities.First().IsAuthenticated is true

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