Ant design charts – Trying to position legend at the bottom of the chart but no luck. Documentation doesn’t show solution? https://ant-design-charts

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Trying to place the legend at the bottom of the chart for any graph, but don’t see any examples and the documentation does not provide a solution it seems (unless theres something I’ve missed). Any help would be appreciated.

How it currently looks:
enter image description here

But I want the legend to be at the bottom of the chart, seems like a basic operation for such a complex library.

I have tried:

  1. Looking into documentation and seeing if theres a way to change position – can’t seem to see anything (Translating page using google translate so maybe theres something thats not being translated correctly?)
  2. Tried using
    config: { legend: { position: 'bottom'}, }
    but doesn’t seem to work. Seems to work easier on F2/Ant but thats more for mobile and using ant-design-charts for my solution.

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