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I’m developing an app using Jetpack Compose, Room, Flow, Kotlin, and following the MVVM architecture. My app includes the following screens:

HomeScreen: Displays the budget and a list of products.
NewItemScreen: Allows adding new products.
ItemDetailsScreen: Shows details of a selected product.
EditItemScreen: Allows editing an existing product.
The app uses a ViewModel to manage UI-related data, and I’m facing an issue with the EditItemScreen.

Problem Description:

When I try to update an item’s details in the EditItemScreen, the values seem to enter a loop, alternating between the new and old values. Sometimes it does not update at all or needs some time between updates.


Here is the relevant code:


class EditItemViewModel(
    savedStateHandle: SavedStateHandle,
    private val itemsRepository: ItemsRepository
): ViewModel() {

    companion object {
        private const val TAG = "Edit Item"

    var editItemUiState by mutableStateOf(ItemUiState())
        private set

    private val itemId: Int = checkNotNull(savedStateHandle[EditItemDestination.itemIdArg])

    init {
        viewModelScope.launch {
            val item = itemsRepository.getItemStream(itemId)
            editItemUiState = item.toItemUiState(isEntryValid = true)

    fun updateEditUiState(itemDetails: ItemDetails) {
        editItemUiState =
                itemDetails = itemDetails,
                isEntryValid = validateInput(itemDetails)

    fun updateEditTag(tag: String) {
        editItemUiState =
            editItemUiState.copy(tag = tag)

    fun updateItem() {
        val item = editItemUiState.itemDetails.toItem()
        if (validateInput()) {
            viewModelScope.launch {
                try {
                    // Añadir un pequeño retraso para asegurar que la actualización se complete
                    // Recargar el item después de la actualización
                    val updatedItem = itemsRepository.getItemStream(
                    editItemUiState = updatedItem.toItemUiState(isEntryValid = true)
                } catch (e: Exception) {
                    Log.e(TAG, "Item could not be updated", e)

    private fun validateInput(itemDetails: ItemDetails = editItemUiState.itemDetails): Boolean {
        return with(itemDetails) {
            name.isNotBlank() && price.isNotBlank()



interface ItemDao {

    @Insert(onConflict = OnConflictStrategy.ABORT)
    suspend fun insert(item: Item)
    suspend fun update(item: Item)

    suspend fun delete(item: Item)

    @Query("SELECT * FROM items")
    fun getAll(): Flow<List<Item>>

    @Query("SELECT * FROM items WHERE id = :id")
    fun getItem(id: Int): Flow<Item>

    @Query("SELECT * FROM items WHERE price < :price")
    fun getByPrice(price: Double): Flow<List<Item>>



interface ItemsRepository {

    fun getAllItemsStream(): Flow<List<Item>>

    fun getItemStream(id: Int): Flow<Item?>

    fun getByPrice(price: Double): Flow<List<Item>>

    suspend fun insertItem(item: Item)

    suspend fun updateItem(item: Item)

    suspend fun deleteItem(item: Item)


class OfflineItemsRepository(
    private val itemDao: ItemDao
): ItemsRepository {

    override fun getAllItemsStream(): Flow<List<Item>> = itemDao.getAll()

    override fun getItemStream(id: Int): Flow<Item?> = itemDao.getItem(id)

    override fun getByPrice(price: Double): Flow<List<Item>> = itemDao.getByPrice(price)

    override suspend fun insertItem(item: Item) = itemDao.insert(item)

    override suspend fun updateItem(item: Item) {
        withContext(Dispatchers.IO) {
    override suspend fun deleteItem(item: Item) = itemDao.delete(item)

I have tried changing the way to handle the state in EditItemViewModel, I have changed the updateItem() function, I have changed OnConflictStrategy in ItemDao and I have tried WithContext in the repository.

No changes

I would appreciate some help 🙂

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