I just ask to help for my career. I’m intertwined with AI for 1.5 years. I learned so many things by myself without school. I asked so many questions like this but i’ll do it here too. Maybe someone could really help. I’m 19. I wanna career about this issue. But at this point we got a problem. I can’t get into uni about AI. Cause expectations are so high than i can afford. Still, i don’t give up. As i said, i learned so many things about math, algorithms, data. But those are not usefull on their own. If i cant make it happen, most probably i’ll do the jobs that i never want. I consulted so many people and they says ‘If no academy you can’t success.’. So is that all about academy. Am i not worthy to do this job just i can’t go to uni. I felt like I spilled my heart out but this is what it is. What would you do if you were in my place? I’m clearly open to discussion.

I don’t know what should i write here.

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