Why is Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition Unable to Create New Pull Request

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In Visual Studio (Community Edition, Version 17.10.1), I am unable to create a new “Pull Request.” The Create (New Pull Request) button is enabled but pressing it does nothing, there is nothing relevant in Output | Source Control – Git either.

I’ve setup a new Azure DevOps Server 2019 for evaluation.

  1. My Azure DevOps organization has a project/team with a repository.
  2. In the repository I set Branch policies on the “main” branch:
    • Require a minimum number of reviewers: 1.
      • Allow users to approve their own changes.
      • Allow completion even if some reviewers vote “Waiting” or “Reject”.
      • Reset code reviewer votes when there are new changes.
    • Automatically include code reviewers: I added some reviewers.
    • I checked/changed nothing else; for now.

On my Developer workstation:

  1. I cloned the repository locally and then created/checked-out my feature branch.
  2. I made a trivial README.md file change and committed and pushed it.
  3. I then checked out the “main” branch. Selected New Pull Request and filled in the dialog (Title, description, Merge into: origin/main, From: origin/<feature branch>). The Create button is enabled but, again, pressing it does nothing.


  1. Compare Visual Studio 2022 Editions has nothing suggesting this is a limitation.
  2. A cursory review of Microsoft Visual Studio Community License Terms indicates this research is permissible; and does not indicate limitations.