Why CSS3 Basic Box Model is “Dangerously outdated”?

These days I’m learning CSS by reading specifications, but I noticed W3C marked CSS Basic Box Model Level 3 as “Dangerously outdated” without any further explanation.

enter image description here

So my question:

  1. What’s the reason for considering that specification outdated?
  2. Why CSS3 Box Model is Outdated but CSS2.1 box model is not outdated(because they said “see CSS 2.1”)?

“Dangerously outdated” is displayed here.


  1. If you see the history of revisions for the working draft you will see the last modification was at 2007-08-09. In the complete list of CSS drafts you will se the “Basic Box model” draft is the most outdated document, the last in the list after “CSS Multi-column Layout Module” (2011).

  2. The CSS 2.1 Box model is almost complete and mature. The majority of modern browsers are fully compliant with CSS 2.1. The current draft needs clarification, proper references to CSS 2.1 adopted/original specifications. In the introduction of the current draft we can read:

    Note: The model in this specification differs from the model described
    in the CSS level 2 specification [CSS21], because (1) it is
    generalized to apply also to vertical text and (2) it adds properties
    to control the marquee effect, (speed, direction, etc.)


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