What do these bntx console errors mean?

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I have a server spilling out the following errors to the console

bnxt_en 0000:8:00.1 bnxt_rel: Failed to add GID: Oxfffffff2

infiniband bnxt_rel: add roce_gid GID add failed port=1 index=2

bnxt_en 0000:8:00.1: QPLIB: cndg[0x7b]=0x11 status 0x1

I can not figure out what it is trying to say or how to even diagnose the issue further.
This machine is running a Proxmox linux kernel 6.5.
Supermicro H12SSW-NT motherboard.

Upgrading to kernel 6.8 makes the machine freeze even. With 6.5 at least it runs (besides spamming the screen).