Web, REST, SOAP, etc., API dependency discovery

I am not sure what the correct terminology is as I have not seen this topic discussed in any articles. Often to call an API one must find the number of parameters from another API/service etc. My question is from the point of view ofthe Web Service/API user, what is the chain of API/Services to be called so that when we get to call use the given API/Web-Service we have all the variables required to make the call? Are there tools available to help with either documentation or discovery of required API calls (like what are all the parameters needed to call any given API)?

I’am not looking for a specific language/technology based solution, just something to help with API authoring or usage as it is a tedious process to find a list of API/services required to call in order to be able to call another specific API manually.


Orchestration refers to the systematic process of chaining API calls. As far as tools, here are a few:

  • AWS Step Functions – Coordinate Microservices using Visual Workflows

  • Postman | API Development Environment

  • OpenAPI Directory

  • APIs.json



  • What is API Orchestration? – API Friends

  • Meson: Workflow Orchestration for Netflix Recommendations

  • How to Design REST API? The Twitter Example

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