VueJS3 on firefox blocks image requests on localhost for exactly 2 seconds on route change

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I have been having a problem with VueJS where images that should be loaded on route change only load after precisely 2 seconds no matter the image. This only happens on Firefox and not on Chromium Edge or Chrome.

A screenshot of the Firefox developer tools

I am aware that I have not posted any code here. I do not know which parts may cause this, therefore I do not know which parts of the project to share. I hope some of you have encountered this issue before and know what might be causing this issue.

  • Images take 2 seconds to load on route change
  • On localhost, images are located in the public folder of the project
  • Only on Firefox not on Chromium based browsers like Chrome or Chromium Edge
  • It only happens for images that are not cached

I am using Vue 3.4.19 with Vue-Router 4.2.5

I have disable all watchers and middleware associated with the Vue Router and the problem still persists.

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