We have tried many libraries like speech-to-text, record and mic_stream. But we did not meet our expectations. I want to recognize the speech continuously and from byte code it will convert to text every 2 seconds via Google’s real-time speech to text api (https://speech.googleapis.com/v1p1beta1/speech:recognize)

I want to use Google’s real-time speech to text api(https://speech.googleapis.com/v1p1beta1/speech:recognize) in a flutter project, written in dart.
I have used Speech to text for this but it does not work as per my requirement.
I want the code which works in android and IOS and voice recognize should be continues until I stop and in the return byteArray we will convert it to the text via Google’s real-time speech to text api.

I want to develop speech to text app using this API

Please help me out with this and give your suggestions