Usage Grazel or Airin for migrating gradle project to bazel

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I have an android project with 4 modules and gradle as build tool. Now I want to migrate it to bazel. These plugins are useable for this purpose , but I can’t find any example about it and have various issues for implementing them myself . Actually one of them must be enough for migrating , but information in their github repository about usage didn’t work for me .

Specially İ face problem about ksp like this :

no such target ‘@@com_github_google_ksp//:symbol-processing-api.jar’: target ‘symbol-processing-api.jar’ not declared in package ” defined by C:/users/user/_bazel_user/buzrtprb/external/com_github_google_ksp/BUILD.bazel and referenced by ‘@@io_bazel_rules_kotlin//kotlin/compiler:symbol-processing-api’

Does anyone have experience with migration to bazel or use it as a build tool ?

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