Uploaded pdf’s file type didn’t recognize in firebase storage dotnet 8

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Try to upload a generated pdf to firebase storage and it didn’t show recognize file type as pdf. I used iText7 to generate the pdf. I didn’t understand why.

This is the method that used to upload the pdf.

`public async Task UploadQRCode(Stream QRCode, string fileName) {
try {
String nameNew = $”{fileName}”;

    var task = new FirebaseStorage(_configuration["Firebase:ProjectId"], new FirebaseStorageOptions {
        ThrowOnCancel = true
    }).Child("QR Codes").Child(nameNew).PutAsync(QRCode);

    var downloadURL = await task;

    return downloadURL;
} catch (Exception e) {
    Console.WriteLine("Error uploading file: " + e.Message);


This is the method that used to generate the pdf.

`public byte[] GenerateSurgicalInventoryQRCode(string categoryId, string itemId) {

    var url=${_configuration["BaseURL:Frontend"]}/mlt/inventorysurgical/{categoryId}/{itemId}";

    QRCodeGenerator qrGenerator = new QRCodeGenerator();
    QRCodeData qrCodeData = qrGenerator.CreateQrCode(url, QRCodeGenerator.ECCLevel.H);
    BitmapByteQRCode bitMap = new BitmapByteQRCode(qrCodeData);
    var QRCodeBytes = bitMap.GetGraphic(5);

    using var memoryStream = new MemoryStream();

    var image = Image.FromStream(new MemoryStream(QRCodeBytes));

    var width = image.Width;
    var height = image.Height;

    var pageSize = new PageSize(width, height);

    var pdfWriter = new PdfWriter(memoryStream);
    var pdfDocument = new PdfDocument(pdfWriter);
    var document = new Document(pdfDocument, pageSize);

    var imageData = new iText.Layout.Element.Image(iText.IO.Image.ImageDataFactory.Create(QRCodeBytes));



    return memoryStream.ToArray();


This is how I use those in controller

`var surgicalInventoryId = _idGenerator.GenerateSurgicalInventoryId();

byte[] QRCode = _qrGenerator.GenerateSurgicalInventoryQRCode(newSurgicalItem.SurgicalCategoryID, surgicalInventoryId);`

var QRurl = await _storageService.UploadQRCode(new MemoryStream(QRCode), surgicalInventoryId);`

What I need is to upload a QR to the firebase as pdf and retrieve using embed in front end. But there is a issue with the uploaded file to the firebase storage. Can anyone help?

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