Understanding Clean Architecture

Below is my understanding of the projects involved .However my confusion comes from the difference between Application/Core/Domain . Is it also correct to say Core = Application + Domain because i have come across some projects without core?


Accepts input in the form of http requests over the network (e.g., GET/POST/etc.) and returns its output as content formatted as JSON/HTML/XML, etc.


Contains business logic and types. (Implements Cases)


Our External Interfaces get defined here. The code in this layer is mostly pure C# – no network connections, databases, etc. allowed. Interfaces represent those dependencies, and their implementations get injected into our use cases


In here, we define data entities, database access , integrations with external services. This project/layer contains the physical implementation of the interfaces defined in our core project.


You have a fine understanding… of Onion Architecture.

While Clean Architecture has much the same flavor, the names you’re using come from Onion, not Clean.

Read up on both architectures. Let us know if you still have questions we haven’t already answered.


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