The best approach to make a report based in dynamic data

I have an Asp.Net MVC application where I need to create a report.
This report will show some data about an entity (activities), but only activities of ONE specific type that will be inserted in the database (until now).

My data model is:


Int ID
DateTime Date
Int TypeId

Activity Type:

Int ID
String TypeName

As activity type doesn’t exist yet, how would one implement this report?

I thought about adding one property to Activity Type:

Bool IsXYZ //(hypothetic name here)

And then render my report showing only activities where the type have “IsXYZ==true”.

But I really don’t know if this is the best approach to do this.

I tried to search about how to do this, but I don’t know how this is called (or even if this has a name).


Assuming ID is the PK of each table, and that there is a FK in ACTIVITY_TYPE pointing to ACTIVITY (typeid --> id)

  • User selects an activity type from a dropdown list (by name)
  • Dropwodn list returns ID of selected activity type
  • This query is run (substituting 999 with the ID of the activity type user selected):

            activity a join activity_type t 
            on (
            a.typeid = 999;

  • If no rows are returned, inform that to the user or draw/print an empty report.

  • If rows are returned, show/print the report.

After some research, I ended up with the following solution:

I added a new “key” property in my “Activity Type” entity.

And in the report, I will filter data from my db by looking for a specific “key” value.

Later, the user can configure which Activity type they want to see in the report just by editing this key value.
For example:

  • The report will look in the database for activities whose type has
    a specific key, let’s say “XYZ”.
  • The user then just needs to edit the activity types that they want to be
    shown in the report by adding this key value.

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