When I start my Spring Boot Server, it launches as normal. Upon trying to log in, I receive a HTTP 200 Success Response, but the server immediately restarts. I have this problem on both my laptop and my PC, but the exact same code works for my colleagues! I have tried deleting and re-downloading the repository, to no avail.

This is the console log when I start the server and try to log in:

2024-01-15 09:52:23.250  INFO 16620 --- [nio-8080-exec-1] o.a.c.c.C.[Tomcat].[localhost].[/]       : Initializing Spring DispatcherServlet 'dispatcherServlet'
2024-01-15 09:52:23.252  INFO 16620 --- [nio-8080-exec-1] o.s.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet        : Initializing Servlet 'dispatcherServlet'
2024-01-15 09:52:23.257  INFO 16620 --- [nio-8080-exec-1] o.s.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet        : Completed initialization in 4 ms
Hibernate: select user0_.user_id as user_id1_9_, user0_.active as active2_9_, user0_.password as password3_9_, user0_.username as username4_9_ from users user0_ where user0_.username=?
Hibernate: select roles0_.user_id as user_id1_8_0_, roles0_.role_id as role_id2_8_0_, role1_.role_id as role_id1_5_1_, role1_.role as role2_5_1_ from user_role 
roles0_ inner join roles role1_ on roles0_.role_id=role1_.role_id where roles0_.user_id=?
2024-01-15 09:52:29.593  WARN 16620 --- [nio-8080-exec-2] o.a.c.util.SessionIdGeneratorBase        : Creation of SecureRandom instance for session ID generation using [SHA1PRNG] took [263] milliseconds.
2024-01-15 09:52:32.679  INFO 16620 --- [       Thread-5] j.LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean : Closing JPA EntityManagerFactory for persistence unit 'default'
2024-01-15 09:52:32.685  INFO 16620 --- [       Thread-5] com.zaxxer.hikari.HikariDataSource       : HikariPool-1 - Shutdown initiated...
2024-01-15 09:52:32.705  INFO 16620 --- [       Thread-5] com.zaxxer.hikari.HikariDataSource       : HikariPool-1 - Shutdown completed.